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IDVIU (pronounced "I-D-View") has been developing unique and innovative technologies in the field of video management, processing, protection, distribution and experience.


UL2 8K
Ultra Low Latency 8K video group communications

IDVIU has developed breakthrough Ultra Low Latency modules, UL2, applicable to high quality consumer video streaming or group video communications.

IDVIU UL2 reveals newer connection capabilities, such as higher bandwidth and lower latency, coming with WiFi 6, Fiber and 5G networks. These modules bring the best high definition streaming experience with an immediate start, no buffering, convergence to the appropriate quality. For interpersonal communications, they enable fluid user interactions, including with challenging 360 transmissions.


  • Instant video
  • Adaptative quality
  • Ultra low latency transmissions
  • Enhanced experience for specific hardware (360 cameras especially)

While they can be integrated in day to day consumer experiences, UL2 modules also bridge with needs for events allowing display on screen walls.

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Secure Video Player

The IDVIU Secure Video Players are used by millions of users around the world to play DRM protected videos on consumer services.

Key features:

  • Live, On Demand, Offline (download manager), 360
  • Multi audio tracks, multi subtitle tracks (ttml and webvtt)
  • Protocols: HLS, Dash, SmoothStreaming
  • DRMs: Playready, Widevine, Fairplay, Verimatrix, Marlin
  • Security: Root/jailbreak detection, Debugger detection, Application integrity detection, Secure storage, ...
  • Proxy for Airplay streaming
  • Platform: Android, AndroidTV, iOS, tvOS, MACOS, Windows10, HTML5, Unity

The IDVIU Secure Video Players are integrated in Video on Demand Applications, Broadcaster Applications with Live and VoD, Virtual Reality Applications with 360 videos, Unity Applications (as a plugin), Sports Premium Services, Music Video Services.

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The Hollywood industry standard for Digital Screeners

Secure / Easy / Fast / High Definition

Since 2013, IDVIU has been operating the largest Digital Screener platforms with uniquely forensically watermarked copies, securing feature films and TV shows from Hollywood Majors.

IDVIU has developed a unique technology to deliver videos with the highest quality and the highest protections to the largest number of users around the world.

Know more about highend video protection at SecureMotionPicture.

Check our easy entry platform at: www.screener.online

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Video on Demand Platforms

Since 2010, IDVIU has been operating video on demand platforms for premium content with the highest quality and service level standards.

Key features:

  • Secure video ingestion via SFTP or Aspera
  • Video transcoding to mobile, web, OTT formats
  • Metadata ingestion
  • Content management interface
  • DRM protection
  • Forensic watermarking for UHD/early content
  • Mobile, Roku, AppleTV applications
  • Web portal
  • Integrates with operators' authentication
  • Streaming and download with offline playback
  • Up to UHD quality
  • Transactional, Subscription, Sales models

Each video on demand project comes with a streamlined deployment service to take into account all the specifics of a high end video on demand platform.

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Virtual Reality

IDVIU-VR has pioneered in Virtual Reality for years and operated some of the most successful VR experiences with a simple vision of bringing high value content and experiences to the largest audiences.

- VR[ON], Virtual Reality Object Notation -

Complementing the wide set of formats supported by the IDVIU VR Secure Player, such as Unity, VR[ON] brings an easy way to insert objects inside the VR environment, without the need for any 3D editor.

Objects are described in json and support actions with an hyperlink style such as launching another video, going to another environment. The description can be fetched remotely from a server and changed dynamically. VR[ON] is designed to address simple Virtual Reality needs without going through time consuming developments.

- VR Secure Player and 3D engine for iOS, Android and the Web -

| Unity Plugin -or- Player SDK |

Bring the highest video on demand quality to the largest VR audience. Integrating all the DRMs approved by Major Studios (Widevine, Playready, Fairplay, Verimatrix, Marlin), and audited quaterly, the IDVIU VR Player will enable high end Hollywood content.
Using the Unity Plugin, content can be played securely in a Unity Virtual Environment.
Using the standalone SDK, the 360 VR video will play full screen in any application in an instance.

| Live or On Demand |

Our player has especially gained its references with prime time Live entertainment VR events. The player is also integrated in the largest consumer applications to enable Premium Video on Demand.

| 3D OpenGL Objects Insertions |

Insert 3D objects to create user interactivity on top of the video stream. Enable twitter voting.

- VR 4K Video Processing -

Rendering a good video stream in a VR environment means very high quality video processing. For Live or On Demand, IDVIU VR has the solution to fit all situations.

- VR Application Development -

Leveraging its world-wide operations and network, all projects are at the reach of IDVIU-VR. With expert knowledge in leading 3D modeling systems, experience in VR designs and storytelling, integration of advanced modules, your project can find its team here.

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